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Servicing all of Australia, our team of solar experts and engineers are ready to inspect your site to determine how much you can save on your energy bill.

The process to go from first contact with us to saving thousands on your energy bill is very simple, first we will gather data from your energy retailer, do a site assessment to determine how much solar can be installed on the roof to maximize the generation. During the assessment, we ensure the structural integrity of the roof space so the structural integrity is not compromised.

Once we have made all the assessments and generated a design for your premises, we then present you with the full proposal, including a mock-up of the system for your approval – after that we will request a sign off and the process of installation will begin ASAP.

Once the installation and commissioning has been completed, you will be saving from that moment on and reducing your carbon emission dramatically. You will be issued our bill monthly, which will also show how much energy was created by your system.

Because we own the system, we guarantee it, maintain it and keep it working in tiptop condition, so you don’t have to. We guarantee the solar generation, so you will always be saving thousands.

Add significant value to your property as a landlord and save thousands as a tenant, regardless if you own or rent, our system will work for you.

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