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Solar Australia Group is lead by a multifaceted team of experts in the business and engineering community.

Solar Australia Group

Harry Hamann

Director & Chief Executive Officer.

From the generation that only just remembers VHS, dial up and beta disc, but was at the forefront of the technological revolution, Harry understands the importance of capitalising on previously unused roof space in a commercially viable and economical way with the best technology available today. Under his stewardship, Solar Australia Group is leading the way in reducing dependence on grid energy, as well as making business more efficient and improving their cash flow so they can future proof their business and lock in the savings the Solar Australia Group can facilitate.

Srecko Lorbek


Having started in the motor industry nearly 40 years ago, Srecko is one of the leaders in Australia in the automotive sector, with bases in both Melbourne and Sydney to service all of Australia. Over those years he has seen a paradigm shift in technology and car ownership. Solar is an integral part of the new generation of electrification and Srecko’s advocacy has seen many other people in the industry shift their previously steadfast views.

Solar Australia Group
Solar Australia Group

Tony Dimitrijevic


Tony as an Electrical Engineer, has been in continuous business since 1987 and qualified as an electrical engineer for nearly 40 years specialising in electrical design, large scale engineering, emergency power systems (both AC and DC), PLC control systems, engineering management, access control and security systems, IOT automation and smart home automation. Tony’s companies service government, from a federal level all the way down to local government, as well as large corporations, specialising in large scale rollouts and management of electrical and security infrastructure.

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